Municipality: Ветрино

Vetrino municipality is located in North-East Bulgaria in Varna District. The Municipality consists of 10 villages. The regional center of Vetrino municipality is village of Vetrino.
A lots of transport corridors pass through the territory of Vetrino Municipality: Hemous highway, first-class road Varna - Sofia, second-class road Aitos - Tervel, the railway line Sofia - Varna, the natural gas main from Russia to Greece and Turkey (the Municipality is going to be converted to natural gas). Varna airport and Varna-Zapad port are not far, and the Municipality has its own airport for agricultural purposes. Vetrino village is at a distance of about 45 km from the district centers of Varna and Shoumen.
Vetrino is an agricultural region. The environment is well preserved and clean. No industrial pollutions have been detected. The Municipality has a recreation facility in the Duza locality near Nevsha village and the Yajla hut in the surroundings of Yagnilo village. Rodna Stryaha ethnographic complex has been set up in Gabarnitsa village and also rural tourism is being developed. Five micro-dam lakes have been constructed on the territory of the Municipality.

Quick facts about Municipality Vetrino
In Bulgarian Aplhabets: Ветрино
Location: North-East Bulgaria
Province: Varna District
Area size of Vetrino municipality: 293.121km2
Population of Vetrino municipality: 6778 people
Total Villages in Vetrino municipality: 10
Center of Municipality Vetrino: Village of Vetrino
Cities and villages in Vetrino municipality: Village of Belogradets, Village of Dobroplodno, Village of Gaburnitsa, Village of Mlada gvardia, Village of Momchilovo, Village of Neofit Rilski, Village of Nevsha, Village of Sredno selo, Village of Vetrino, Village of Yagnilo

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